As a refugee of Los Angeles and the film industry, it's safe to say that I've had my issues with Tinseltown, and the "glory" of the Hollywood system. But it's also safe to say that somewhere along the line film, as a way of telling stories and a creative visual medium, reached in and grabbed a significant piece of my heart. And I've never gotten it back.

Over the years I've worked as a production assistant, production coordinator, production manager, location scout, location manager, producer, and as a screenwriter.

Screenwriting is the area that most interests me, and is the way that I still flex my film muscles. I also teach screenwriting both in a classroom setting and in one on one customized "coaching" sessions.

As a freelance writer I've written a number of articles about screenwriting and filmmaking. Click on the links below to read a few clips of my work in this area.




"Til Death Do Us Part"
Script Magazine, July - August 2006

This piece takes the experiences of numerous working screenwriters and other professionals (all involved in successful Hollywood partnerships) and condenses their hard-earned advice and received wisdom into a list of "dos" and "don't even think about its" for anyone considering writing a screenplay with a partner.

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"You Can Go Home Again"
Script Magazine, November - December 2004

An in-depth look at making a living as a screenwriter while living outside Los Angeles, including nuts and bolts tips from notable professional screenwriters who consistently write and sell their work while living outside of Los Angeles.

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"Documenting Drama"
Continental Magazine (Continental Airlines), November 2006

A profile of Lydia Dean Pilcher, a New York-based producer with an amazing string of critically acclaimed films to her credit, including: Iron-Jawed Angels, Cradle Will Rock, Hysterical Blindness, and numerous films by Myra Nair.

Lydia gave me my first job in the film industry, and I was thrilled to be able to return the favor by interviewing her for the "Idea Makers" section of Continental Magazine.

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