The vast majority of my writing about food comes as an outgrowth of my travel writing. Though I have done it when I find a truly unique restaurant or dish, I rarely write just about the food. I almost always write about food and its surroundings.

Food, as I see it, is, at its best, a reflection of place. But I'm not just talking about the recent trends toward eating locally, and local/regional sourcing, though they are certainly a part of it. What I'm really after, and most interested in, when I write about food are the connections between people, place, and plate.

I want to know that the recipe for fried chicken batter at the local diner in Albany, Georgia comes from the owner's grandmother, and uses whole milk instead of buttermilk because, some years if the weather wasn't right and the grass turned bitter, they couldn't make good buttermilk from their cow. But they always had pigs. So grandma replaced lost fat from the buttermilk with bacon grease (mixed in whole milk), and now that's just how they like it. And you will too.

If you'd like to read a few samples of my food writing, you can click on the links below.



slim goodiesdiner in neworleans New Orleans, Louisiana:

"Local Hero"
All About Mardi Gras, August 2014

Outstanding breakfast fare at a local favorite diner known for its good works in the community.

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muriels restaurnat in new orleans New Orleans, Louisiana:

"Simply Heaven"
All About Mardi Gras, August 2014

In this story we sample "classic" NOLA cuisine and the supernatural offerings at Muriel's Jackson Square in the heart the French Quarter.

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pat obriens in new orleans New Orleans, Louisiana:

"Pat O'Brien's"
All About Mardi Gras, August 2014

A look inside the home of the world-famous Hurricane (drink).

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Points NOrth Magazine cover of February 2013 Issue Albany, Georgia:

"Home Again"
Points North, February 2013

A southern boy rediscovers his taste buds.

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"Culinary Pilgrimage in Galicia"
Home & Away - Online, April 2010

Travel to Santiago de Compstella, and the vineyards, cheese making regions, and seaside villages of Galicia to explore the sources of some of Spain's most iconic dishes.

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"Drinking in Indiana"
Home & Away - Online, August 2009

A look at Indiana's key role in the history of American winemaking, and a look at wineries, wines, and wine trails throughout the state - part of a multi-part series on Midwest wine written by myself and others for AAA Home & Away.

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"The Taste of Paradise"
Chile Pepper Magazine, February 2007

A trip to St. Lucia's first Rum & Food Festival, and a walk through the central market in Castries - Enjoy "Sexy Cuisine" at world famous Ladera Resort, and learn to pair and compare rums from around the Caribbean with terrific dishes from the islands.

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